We aim to provide you a variety of flavors for every need, from old-time classics to new and unique recipes.  Our marinades are easy to use for any meat application, and we will provide the necessary instructions and training on the dosage of our marinades to our customers.


Ayam Percik Hot Basil Tandoori
Black Pepper Peri-peri Spicy Teriyaki
Black Pepper Steak Satay Texas BBQ
Curry Sweet & Sour  
Honey Szechuan Beef  



We specialize in a range of instant, ready-to-use blends to enhance taste, aroma and appearance of your product.


Chicken Seasoning Roast Chicken Flavor
Chicken Nugget Flavor Booster Satay Seasoning
Grill Chicken Flavour Szechuan Chicken Seasoning


Spices & Herbs

Browse through our huge variety of premium herbs and spices sourced from all over the world. With the cryogenic grinding facility in our production premise, we are able to grind whole spices and herbs into very fine powder. The cryogenic grinding method better seals the aroma and oil essence of the spices and herbs, in comparison to other traditional grinding methods.

Bay Leaves Whole/Powder Garlic Granule/Powder Rosemary Flakes/Powder
Black Pepper Whole/Powder Ginger Sliced/Powder Red Rice Ground
Cardamom Powder Kaffir Lime Leaf Powder Sage Flakes/Powder
Celery Seeds Powder Liquorice Powder Szechuan Pepper Whole/Powder
Chilli Flakes/Powder Lemon Grass Powder Star Anise Seed Whole/Powder
Cinnamon Powder Mace Powder Tamarind Powder
Clove Powder Mustard Seed Thyme Flakes/Powder
Cumin Seeds/Powder Nutmeg Whole/Powder Turmeric Whole/Powder
Dillweed Powder Onion Flakes/Granule/Powder White Pepper Whole/Powder
Fennel Seeds/Powder Oregano Flakes/Powder
Fenugreek Powder Paprika P0wder


Spice Blend

Besides our current range of spice blends, we also offer custom grinding and blending to suit your recipe and application. Below are some of the custom blends we have formulated for our international and local food manufacturers for their newly created products:

Rosemary Pepper Sprinkle, Mixed Herbs, Five Spice Powder, Seafood Curry Powder


Our coating systems cover a range of applications to meet your preference in taste, texture and visual appeal.

Breadcrumb White

Breadcrumb Orange

Breadcrumb Yellow

Chicken Breader

Caramel Coloring

As a local distributor of caramel colorings from world leader and provider of caramel and natural colours: D.D.Williamson The Colour House, we supply colouring solutions to enhance the visual appeal of your food and beverages.

For a more detailed product catalogue, please refer to:

Smoke Flavors

We carry products from Red Arrow International, a renowned worldwide supplier of superior smoking solutions. Their smoking solutions and flavor solutions cater to the processed meat industry and food industry.

Smoke Condensates

Made from various wood species with different concentrations to suit your needs, smoke condensates are used to safely and efficiently replace the traditional smoke flavours. .

Grill Flavours

Impart a natural delicious BBQ grilled flavour to your food and meat products

Cooked Flavours

Provides flavor enhancement to meat and vegetarian dishes

Browning Solutions

Natural browning agents to achieve stable roasted colour and flavor


For a more detailed product catalogue, please refer to:

Food Additives

We have a full range of stabilizers, emulsifiers, flavor enhancers and thickeners that increase the stability, shelf life as well as maximize yield and flavor of your products.

Citric Acid Sodium Tri Poly Phosphate
Sodium Citrate Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate
Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein Monosodium Glutamate
Textured Vegetable Protein I+G Ajitide
Isolate Soya Protein Ethyl Maltol
Soy Lecithin Carageenan


Sausage Casing

We are a proud distributor for VISKASE, a trusted brand for sausage casings. With our range of casings from cellulose, fibrous to plastic options, you may rely on us to provide you with innovative casings to suit your application.

Cellulose casing

Permeable to smoke and water vapour, cellulose casings are suitable for the production of hot dogs, cooked sausages, dry salamis, pepperoni, etc.

Fibrous casing

Combining cellulose and a special paper, fibrous casings provide exceptional strength and uniformed diameter. Suitable for pepperoni, salami, luncheon meats, boneless ham and other deli-style processed meats.

Plastic casing

Polymide casings provide a high oxygen and moisture barrier that maximizes shelf stability of sliced and retail items.


For a more detailed product catalogue, please refer to:

Mixes for Cured Meat

Our curing blends are suitable for corned beef, ham and other kinds of processed meats. We also specialize in a small range of sausage mixes and seasonings.

Please email us with your end product specifications for further information.


We carry a range of ex-stock meat processing equipment and machinery from different suppliers.

Frey, Mado, Kronen, Suhner, Brunner, MKN, Eloma, Townsend

Please email us your requirement and we will get back to you shortly.