Authentic flavours manufactured in Singapore

Equipped with grinding, blending, sterilisation and packing facilities in our HACCP plant, we manufacture a range of meat marinades, seasonings, spice blends, and food additives.

Our products are Halal certified, and supplied to manufacturers of meat, surimi, frozen food and confectionary, to supermarkets, food services, traders, caterers, restaurants and eateries.

Smoke & Grill Flavour Products

We are Singapore's sole distributor of renowned Kerry Red Arrow for smoke, grill and browning products.

Smoke flavours such as hickory, beechwood, mesquite, maple, applewood and cherrywood; or grill flavours like chargrill, grill scraping, wood-fired brick oven, are available in powder, liquid or oil forms.

Sausage & Ham Casings

We are Singapore & Malaysia's distributor of cellulose, plastic and fibrous casings from VISKASE , and collagen casings from FIBRAN & EDICAS.

Caramel Colouring & Food Coatings

We distribute natural caramel and colouring solutions from DDW & Sense Colour, as well as food coatings from Food Coating International.

17 Global Partners for Import & Export

We work closely with our suppliers and customers from Brunei, China, Denmark, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Spain, the Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, UK, USA, and Vietnam.

Other Products & Services

We provide dry mix processing, customised blending, warehouse storage and corporate gift customisation. Contact us for more information.

SFA, HACCP and Halal Certified.

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