Our Story

Zenia was established on 28 August 1990, with both founders' hopes to create authentic flavours, and spice up the food scene in Singapore. Over the years, we grew from trading spices, herbs, and key food ingredients, to manufacturing our own spice blends and marinades for both the local and export markets.

A few years later, Zenia expanded to Malaysia (Asia Gourmet Sdn Bhd), based in Kuala Lumpur. Today, we operate in both Kuala Lumpur and our new factory in Johor Bahru.

Since 1996, we also started distributing world's renowned suppliers of caramel colouring (DDW), smoke, grill & browning solutions (Kerry Red Arrow), casings (Viskase, FIBRAN, Edicas) and food coatings (FCI).  

Our Commitment

As we partner major food establishments the past over 30 years, we are committed and confident of providing quality and consistent products and services to the food industry. 

Our facility comprises various specialized technology to produce quality ground and blended spices and seasonings. With our HACCP and HALAL certifications, our teams are entrusted to ensure strict compliance to good manufacturing practices from the receipt of raw materials to storage, production and packaging of our finished products. We continually undertake R&D work to meet new demands in the market.

Our comprehensive manufacturing facility enables us to service our customers’ requirements. As Zenia strives to satisfy the needs of every customer, we also provide product customization and contract blending to suit your specific needs and applications. 


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