Sausage Casings

We are a proud distributor for VISKASE, edicas and FIBRAN, internationally trusted brands for a casing solutions.

1. Cellulose casing

Permeable to smoke and water vapour, cellulose casings are suitable for the production of hot dogs, cooked sausages, dry salamis, pepperoni, etc.

2. Fibrous casing

Combining cellulose and a special paper, fibrous casings provide exceptional strength and uniformed diameter. Suitable for pepperoni, salami, luncheon meats, boneless ham and other deli-style processed meats.

3. Plastic casing

Polymide casings provide a high oxygen and moisture barrier that maximizes shelf stability of sliced and retail items.

4. Collagen casing

Edible and easy to use both in industrial and home kitchens.

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