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Concentrated Chargrill Seared Flavour Oil

Concentrated Chargrill Seared Flavour Oil

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 A certain romance of flavours happens when food is cooked over an open flame. Our grill oil capture that flavor profile to recreate cherished savory experiences without an actual fire.

From a kettle grill to a gas grill to an open campfire, we understand the distinctions unique to each method of grilling and the protein being grilled.

We can incorporate smoky, ashy, chargrill, scorch, seared, flame-kissed and other nuances to produce the most authentic grill flavours possible.


Recommended Recipe: Hibachi Grilled Marinade 

  • Usage Rate: 1.67%
  • Provides the savory flavor of meat drippings on hot charcoal, combined with this simple Japanese recipe, is a complete and true flavor profile of this classic dish.

Ingredients: % WEIGHT

  • Soy Sauce : 43.94
  • Water : 43.94
  • Ginger, ground : 0.39
  • Garlic, granulated : 2.93
  • Toasted Sesame Seeds : 1.47
  • Brown Sugar : 7.33


  • Combine all of the ingredients together.
  • Add Grill Flavor in above mixture.
  • Allow the marinade to stir on the stir plate until all of the ingredients are incorporated.
  • Use 15% marinade to 85% pork, chicken or beef. The meat should be in small cubes when marinated.
  • Prepare the meat as desired. Generally on a flat top grill with high heat. Serve with fried rice etc.

Note: All our products, quality control and hygiene practices are HACCP certified.

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